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Winnie Chiu, Chartered Psychologist (BPS)


          I provide both Counselling & Coaching to people who want a transformation, 

a peace of mind & happiness. - It is a matter of "Choice".       





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Winnie has been awarded "Asia-Pacific Outstanding Professional Award" in Life Coaching






Winnie has recently been shortlisted in the nomination by Medical Livewire Global Awards 2016








Why Choose Winnie


Winnie is a Chartered Psychologist & a Life Coach with high intuition, excellent listening & counselling skills, together with wide exposure on counselling & coaching with people from all walks of life.  Winnie would listen to the very best in you, help you to discover what you truly want, learn what is really stopping you get that, remove your internal conflicts and finally create inner peace and desired orientation – in emotions, career, relationship, financial, family, personal interest and growth, work/ life balance and more.


Winnie specializes in working with adults to resolve career issues, emotional disturbance & relationship issues.  Another area she works with parents for parental difficulties, as well as children and teenagers on issues of academic, learning ability, social relationship etc.  She uses psychodynamic psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, emotion-focused therapy, EMDR, and play therapy to help clients work through their life issues.  








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